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Sony Reader PRS-505 Shortcuts

I just found shortcuts for PRS-505: Hold down the “size” button for five seconds to rotate the screen. Duh! I should have known there will be shortcut for this one. This makes reading mangas a lot easier, with much less clicks. Hold the “Page Forward” or “Back” button for five seconds and the page will jump 10 pages in the direction of the button. This is something useful to browse through the book looking for that section that is stuck in my mind. I am not sure if these shortcuts would work on PRS-500 or PRS-700, but I would assume so. If you have one of those models, give it a try and drop me a line. Related links: - E-book Reader: Sony PRS-505 - Another E-book Reader: Sony PRS-700

Pulpit Banner

For more than 20 years, my church has used our parent organization symbol as our logo. But finally, we have our own logo, by the design talent of cik Dhania. The yellow part is the Bible, upon which God's will is revealed. The blue part is fire as well as the dove, a representation of the Holy Spirit, symbolizes our zeal in the work for Him, and the ever-presence of the Holy Spirit in our lives. Cik Ling-Ling, our seamstress made a pulpit banner based on this logo. Doesn't it look cool?