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Fast or Slow?

Me: Hi, I'd like to buy IDR 100,000 worth of gas, please. Attendant: Sure. Would you like it fast or slow? Me: Hah? What's the difference? Attendant: Well, we have this technology that makes it faster to fill up gas. But some people complained that they don't get their money's worth, because it takes less time. So we can slow it down if you like. Me: But the volume is the same? Attendant: Yup. No difference whatsoever. Just fast or slow. Me: Fast, please. I cannot believe this is an issue.

Raising Kids

Raising a kid is an act of juggling between what you're told, what you believe to be true, and making your parents happy. I think.

Smoke vs Smoke

In Indonesia, this is what happens when you go to a Korean BBQ place. Me : Hi, I'd like a seat in the non-smoking area, please. Waitress : Sorry, we have no non-smoking area. But don't worry, it's all air-conditioned. Me : You don't have the non-smoking area? Why? Waitress : Well, the BBQ cooking generates quite a smoke already. So it won't look worse with additional smoke from the cigarettes. Me : ... You've gotta be kidding me! What kind of logic is that?

Myth or ?

Now that my daughter hits 10 month mark, she starts to move more actively around. She doesn't quite walk yet, but she tries. Her feet don't move one in front of the other, but her whole body make a "jump" to compensate. As such, she fell and hit her head. A part of her forehead was swollen. And when we called our family, the single advice that everyone gave us was: Rub oil on it, and then rub a knife on it. This was totally the way we were brought up. I remember seeing an adult rubbing the swollen part of a child's head with knife. It works too! But it makes me wonder... Why does it work? Do we still have to do that nowadays?

Two Sides

When I was in Canada, the norm there is for every house to have an electric stove. Only the rich can afford gas stove. The salesmen pitch their sales saying "Using gas stove, your food will taste better. Cook it the way it's meant to be -- with fire." Now I am in Indonesia, where gas stove is the norm. Electric stove is expensive. And of course, the sales people are saying "Using electric stove is safer. No risk of fire." There is always another side to a point of view. ^_^

Thought of the Day

This came across my mind today: Places across the ocean are perfect, as long as you are at least an ocean away. I realized that when I was in Canada, I thought Indonesia was perfect. And now that I am in Indonesia, Canada seems better in every aspect. Weird.