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Being Friendly and Nicknames

A co-op student started her term in a big company. It was her first work experience, and she didn't quite like how she felt in the first few days. After a lifetime surrounded with friends, she felt the need to go out of her way to be friendly with all her new seniors. First of all, she learnt all their names. Then she started to communicate face-to-face, rather than via emails. Then, feeling decidedly more comfortable, she started giving nicknames to her colleagues and call/email them by that nicknames. She felt they could be on a friendlier term when she did this. Her colleagues, not knowing why she suddenly called them by shortened/different names, felt that she was being rude. It didn't help that one of the nickname she gave was actually the name the colleague was bullied with as a child (in another culture). So it seemed as if she was mocking them. It is sufficient to say that her relationship with her colleagues did not improve, and they only talked on a need-to ba

Jam Kehidupan - Remembering Abud

This song has been playing in my head ever since I heard the news about a good friend's passing due to an accident. It was unexpected. He was still very young. In our teenage years, we sang this song together. Jam kehidupan diputar sekali Dan tak seorang pun tau kapan 'kan berhenti Mungkin hari ini, mungkin esok, mungkin nanti Cepat atau lambat, tak seorang tau Bila waktunya  Jam kehidupan diputar sekali Dan tak seorang pun tau kapan 'kan berhenti Sadarilah, kawan, hidup ini tak terulang Sekarang waktunya yang kau miliki S'karang waktunya  Milikilah kasih Yesus Yang menjadikan hidupmu berarti Bekerjalah di ladang-Nya Agar hidup tiada percuma My friend had definitely done that in his life. He was a figure we love and respect, mostly because he loved God with all his heart. I regret being so far away that I couldn't even attend his funeral. And while I know God's plan is the best and beyond my own understanding, let me grieve a while longer for my