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Keyboard Shortcut in Remote Desktop Connection (RDC)

When you start RDC, you can choose whether you want it to run in full screen mode or not. On the RDC connection window, click on "Options" -> "Display". For full screen mode, slide the remote desktop size option to the max, until it says Full Screen. Do not select your monitor resolution, as the RDC would then start in window mode. Running in full screen mode will allow you using the same keyboard shortcuts as you usually use. ALT+TAB will shift between applications on the remote computer. START+D will show the desktop of the remote computer etc. Which is great, but that means that the shortcuts won't work between our local computer and the remote one. We can always use a mouse, but programmers generally prefer keyboard shortcuts. So, how do we set so that the shortcuts work even when we are on RDC? For our normal shortcuts to work, RDC must be just another application. So it needs to be in non-full-screen mode. To change back and forth between full-screen

Engaged for a Year

A year ago today, my sister and I got engaged (to our respective boyfriends, of course). Since then, I have got married, and my sister has set a date for her wedding. Lots of our other friends got married as well, and some welcomed their firstborns to their family. It's mind-blowing how everyone seems to grow up nowadays. And to think we used to worry about our exam grades not too long ago...

Seigi no Mikata

Ilove Japanese dramas. In addition to being funny and (sometimes) manga-like, it has a limit on the number of episodes as well, usually 9-12. No 50+ episodes for Japanese drama. You can safely bet that you get to see the ending of a story. Anyway, I am in the middle of watching Seigi no Mikata : a story of an "evil" older sister and a "bullied" younger sister (of course this is told from the younger sister's point of view). "Seigi no Mikata" literally translates to "Ally of Justice". This term referes to, surprisingly, the older sister in this movie. Apparently, by doing something completely selfish (and sometimes downright evil), the older sister actually manages to make other people's lives better. Ha! It's quite a funny story. Of course, as with any other Japanese dramas, we watch this one because: 1. the story is interesting enough 2. the actresses are pretty (we are following Shida Mirai from Sapuri, Tantei Gakuen Q, and now thi

Chrisye and Project Pop - Bur-Kat PV

Found this on youtube today. I love Project Pop. I very much enjoy the comedy in their songs. Let me attempt to translate this song: Him: There is a sweet girl I have known for a long time Her smile is cute, I remember it very well If she grins, her beauty lasts; if she cries, it itches me I fall in love, now everyday I am keeping up appearance When we meet, I stutter "you are beautiful" Friends: If you really ca-ca-ca-cannot hold it Prepare yourself to sa-sa-sa-say it Confess quickly, you should say it quickly Confess quickly, you should say it quickly Him: I thought about this for a long time Men has to be brave to confess "We are good friends, But I always carry a torch for you" Rather than keep on wondering It's better to make an experiment Friends: Grab your chance quickly Before others confess to her Friends: If you really ca-ca-ca-cannot hold it Prepare yourself to sa-sa-sa-say it Confess quickly, you should say it quickly Confess quickly, you should sa