Sunday, June 21, 2020

Guides to Virtual Choir

In order to make a good virtual choir, a choir member has to sound good and look good. Looking good doesn't mean lots of make up, but sometimes something as simple as camera angle can help you looking good for the camera.

Here is a guide I made for the (church) choir, on how to record yourself for a VC. Oh, and I'm going to switch language now.

And here are the guidelines for your placement in the camera.

Kadang-kadang anggota choir pada nanya, "kan VC nanti hasilnya penampakan wajah di kotak yang portrait, kok kamu minta rekamannya landscape yah? ngga salah tah?"

Ya, kebanyakan VC memang menampakkan wajah di kotak portrait, untuk menghemat tempat. Tapi untuk paduan suara dengan anggota 30 atau kurang, kadang pembagian grid nya masih menghasilkan kotak berbentuk landscape. Misalnya untuk video 720p dengan grid 6x5, itu hasilnya seperti di bawah ini:

Dan kadang-kadang, video editor juga ingin meng-highlight penampilan group kecil, dalam layout yang berbeda-beda. Misalnya seperti ini:

Video yang diambil dalam posisi landscape, bisa dipotong menjadi portrait, tapi sebaliknya itu tidak bisa. Jadi karena itu, harap video nya landscape yah, teman-teman. 

Permintaan landscape/portrait akan berbeda-beda dari VC ke VC. Ada VC yang isinya ribuan orang, in which case, having everyone shoot portrait makes sense, so they can automate it.

Anyway, I hope this helps. Next part: How to submit your video (Cara Menyerahkan Video)

Thursday, January 16, 2020

Meiji Black Chocolate Puzzle

I recently bought a Meiji Black Chocolate Puzzle, thinking it would be fun to play with kids, especially while waiting for our food in the restaurant. I mean, this is better than screen time, right?

Little did I know.. this puzzle is actually the harder version of the milk chocolate puzzle (which I didn't know exist). Now, THAT puzzle has lots of solutions and would be fun for kids. But this one? THIS puzzle has ONE solution (according to the YouTube video I watched, anyway).

After several hours of frustrating "why is this not working" moments, I caved in and watched the YouTube solution. For my own reference (and sanity), here's the solution. For the next time I need to clean the puzzle up quickly.

Hope this helps whoever is currently stuck and ready to give up...

Thursday, April 25, 2019

Movie Time

THE movie of the year is without a doubt Avengers: Endgame. I mean, it's the final chapter of phase 1 of MCU (or 1 away from the final chapter, which as everyone knows, is the best part with all the fightings and all the happenings).

So we decided to go and watch it (of course!).

Since the movie is about 3 hours long, I wanted to buy the premiere version. Better seats. But much to my surprise, the premiere seats were all sold out. I mean, for a 10.45 AM show. I mean, come on people, don't you have to go to work? And not only that, but it was sold out for the next few days until the end of the month. For all of the showings in Premiere.

I mean, I knew this movie would be popular, but this popular? Uhm.. yeah, I didn't expect it.

Whacha lookin' at?

Anyway, we finally decided to just watch it on the regular screen.

Waiting for the theater to open

Oh boy, it's a loooooongggga movie. Thankfully I knew about it beforehand, so I limit the kids' food and fluid intake. Even that, the kid needs washroom 5 minutes before the end credit. Thankfully she could hold it until the end credit rolls, and we were out of the door. 

We're in. Start the movie!

All in all, quite a fun time with the kids. I thought the flow was a bit too slow in the middle, but I guess you need time to build up to the climax. But then again, it might be because I was in constant fear that my kids would need washroom, so I wished the story would just "get on with it" already. 

Adventure Park - Lenmarc Mall, Surabaya, Indonesia

Starting from the week before Easter until after Ramadhan, Lenmarc opens up an Adventure Park. This is basically a pop up play area for kids. They have trampolines, water roller (kinda like an inflatable cylinder where kids can climb to the inside and roll the cylinder around), a pin screen area, and a tubing area (down toward a pool of ball), and a separate ball pool so the kids don't get hit by the tuber, I guess. Since the price is decent (IDR 30K for 45 minutes + 15K for parent), we decided to bring the kids there to burn off their energy (school's out since the 6th graders are having their finals).

The highlight of the park was definitely the tubing area. It's so much fun and even the littlest one was excited about it.

Waiting for turns...

Moments before plunging into the ball pool

See that smile?


Tubing is fun!

The ball pool is also fun.

Come jump into the pool!



This is fun!

Pin screen

Look at me!

Fun day! 45 minutes turned out to be just enough for the kids. It's friendlier on your wallet/purse and the kids won't overtire.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Do Re Mi...

After about 9 years of not translating musical notation to doremi notation, I realized that Indonesia is VERY resistant to the idea of learning to sing some other way. While I think it's redundant and totally unnecessary, other people don't see it that way. And being in the minority, I have to give in. It means... back to doremi for me. >_<
What bothers me most though, is the fact that I have tons of good songs that I would love to sing with my choir here, but it's not possible without translating it to doremi first. And since I hate manual dots and slashes, I decided to create a doremi font.
It's not perfect, but for those who are stuck with this fate, I hope it helps.

Download the DoReMi font here
1234567 = works as usual
Shift + 1234567 = with dot on top
qwertyu = 1234567 with dot below
i = 1 with double dot on top
asdfghj = 1234567 with forward slash (up half step)
zxcvbnm = 1234567 with back slash (down half step)

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Fast or Slow?

Me: Hi, I'd like to buy IDR 100,000 worth of gas, please.
Attendant: Sure. Would you like it fast or slow?
Me: Hah? What's the difference?
Attendant: Well, we have this technology that makes it faster to fill up gas. But some people complained that they don't get their money's worth, because it takes less time. So we can slow it down if you like.
Me: But the volume is the same?
Attendant: Yup. No difference whatsoever. Just fast or slow.
Me: Fast, please.

I cannot believe this is an issue.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Raising Kids

Raising a kid is an act of juggling between what you're told, what you believe to be true, and making your parents happy.

I think.