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When You're Wrong

I love this song from "Paws and Tales". It's called  When You're Wrong (You're Wrong) . Listen to the chorus lines: When you're wrong, you're wrong No, you really can't deny it When you're wrong, you're wrong You can try and modify it But you're wrong and all along You think no good could come about From it being pointed out But when you're wrong, you're wrong So we knew we should admit it But we didn't quit the fight There's no need to complicate it There's no other way to state it If you say that we were wrong You would be right When you're wrong, you're wrong Learn your lesson and apply it When you're wrong, you're wrong You just got to humble pie it When you're wrong, and we were wrong But now we know it's good advice For us to stop and recognize That when you're wrong, you're wrong So if ever you're corrected You should not put up a fight Simply learn to take direction Without

On a Monday Afternoon

Monday, 4.30 PM Me : (shutting down computer) My boss's boss : (walk past my cube, look at my bag, look at his watch) Me : (but.. but.. ) My boss's boss : (keep walking..) Me : (.. I came in early this morning...) My boss's boss : (not even in my sight anymore) Me : (...) My inner self : Uhm.. can I leave now?


After not exercising for quite some time (uhm.. years..), I decided to join the Core Crew meetings in the office. It's only twice a week, 30 minutes each. Really, it's not that long. How hard could it be? 5 minutes into the class: Me :  I.. ugh.. can't... ugh.. do.. ugh.. this.. ugh... Instructor : Of course you can, you are doing great! Me : I.. ugh.. feel.. ugh.. like.. ugh.. dying.. ugh.. My "neighbour" : Yeah, I think I'd rather be fat. My feelings exactly!