Friday, April 6, 2012

Two Sides

When I was in Canada, the norm there is for every house to have an electric stove. Only the rich can afford gas stove. The salesmen pitch their sales saying "Using gas stove, your food will taste better. Cook it the way it's meant to be -- with fire."

Now I am in Indonesia, where gas stove is the norm. Electric stove is expensive. And of course, the sales people are saying "Using electric stove is safer. No risk of fire."

There is always another side to a point of view. ^_^


Unknown said...

Actually a good stove is one that can produce high heat (high BTU). Induction cooker that go above 3000W are rare (and expensive). But it is easier (aand somewhat cheaper) to get high-powered gas burner.

And hence the difference. The rich guy in Canada probably has their love in culinary and would like to cook (themselves) with the best tools. The rich guy in Indonesia don't even cook (why give expensive stuff for maid to use?). They just eat outside.

ogautama said...

You have a point, penguin. It is actually easier to cook in Canada than in Indonesia. Maybe partly because people have maid in Indonesia.

Home-cooked meals are healthier, though, so I don't know about eating every meals out. Hmm...