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Fill in the Blank... -ice

When you fill in the blank, what do you get?
Try this one:

I thought people are nice
______________________ advice
______________________ chicken and rice
______________________ at any price


Jtheo said…
I thought people are good at giving advice telling us to eat chicken and rice and be happy at any price.
closari said…
free advice
delicious hainan chicken and rice
buying camera lens, oops, typo, delete doesn't work, this is the correct one, comfort at any price :)
ogautama said…
Huahahaha...Chris, I guess your head is full of food and camera ^_^

J, good poetry. But the first line was "nice", not "good". Because I want it to rhyme. So, try again?
Jtheo said…
Okay.. I thought people are nice when they give us advice to eat chicken and rice and be happy at any price.
Unknown said…
I thought people are nice
Sharing advice
Giving free chicken and rice
Apparently, not at any price!

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