Sunday, November 29, 2009

Amigurumi: Single Pea and Deadly Cute Ninja

I think I was bitten by the craft bugs. Here's my next creation: the single pea (because making 3 of them in solid green is just too much for my eyes) and the deadly but cute ninja. Chris called them Peany and Ninji.

Peany, Dora, Ninji, and Mushy posing together

It's hard to see from this photo, but Ninji actually has a sling (in a slightly different color) around his body, and a mini ninja star.

And talk about proportion... the vegetables are larger than the cat and the person. Makes you wonder, isn't it?


Yuliana Gautama, B.A, M.Ed said...

Woww... you are going crazy with that. Very impressive. Good work!!! Looking forward to see them in person. Hope they'd be nice to me. ^_^

ogautama said...

Hahaha.. I'll ask Chris to teach them to behave. Then you can discipline them ^_^

Unknown said...

i think it's possible for ninja to "shrink" himself as a disguise.. that's why he's the smallest